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The name of JOSONE Park does not seem to have anything special in it, until someone tells us its origin. It is the fruit of love between two people perpetuated in a word with no apparent meaning. The couple formed by José Fermín Iturrioz y Llaguno and Onelia Méndez Rubí wanted to celebrate their silver jubilee by building this site in the early 1940s. That’s how they decided to join the first three letters of their names to call it JOSONE.

After the triumph of the Revolution, the mansion and its surrounding areas were used for the reception and accommodation of personalities such as Yuri Gagarin, Hovari Boumedienne, Salvador Allende and others. In 1989, the property began to provide service to tourism, which began to visit the nascent tourist center of Varadero. Since then it has functioned as a space open to the national and foreign public.

It is centrally located, in an area that extends between 56th and 59th streets. Its approximately 9 hectares abound with vegetation, ranging from imposing trees to tiny violets. Its beautiful gardens bring important natural, floristic and ornithological values to this park. All in a peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

In the lagoon in the center of the park there are water bike and boat tours. Visitors can also choose to go for a walk in the open air, enjoy some time in the pool or buy handicrafts. The Club Josone is intended for recreation with bowling alley, target shooting, reading room and bar. One of the greatest virtues of this tourist complex is its gastronomic services in the middle of a beautiful environment:

  • El Dante restaurant, specialized in Italian food, with a beautiful terrace on the shore of the lake. It was the first house built in 1938.
  • El Retiro restaurant, specialized in international food. Neoclassical style mansion with colonial furniture and objects of the former owners.
  • La Campana restaurant, outstanding for its Creole cuisine. Basque style cabin, used by the main architect of the project completed in 1946.

This immense green space is one of the most frequented facilities in this region. It is an ideal place to spend a quiet day of recreation with your partner or family. It is frequently used for events, dinners and galas banquets. It is estimated that more than 500 000 tourists visit it annually.

For visit: Avenida 1ra between 56th and 59th Streets, Varadero (23.15228, -81.25105). Telephone: +53 4566 7228

by: Leunam Rodríguez