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Once you have reached the Revolution Square, you can visit the José Marti Memorial located on the large base of the tower. The entrance is guarded by the great marble statue of the National Hero. It was placed there in 1958 and is surrounded by 6 pillars that represent the old provinces in which the Cuban territory was divided, with their respective shields.

You can visit a museum dedicated exclusively to the figure of the man classified as “an apostle of Cuban independence.” In its four exhibition halls are exhibited manuscripts, portraits, belongings and works of art dedicated to the Cuban poet and hero. Significant objects of his life include first editions of his works and the Philosophy and Letters Degree and Law Degree that Marti obtained from important Spanish universities.

A mural of Venetian pottery with preeminence of the green color, registers in letters bathed in gold of 10 carats more than eighty thoughts of Jose Marti. In other areas are exhibited images that testify significant historical moments of the Cuban Revolution.

This museum was inaugurated in 1996. In addition to the exhibition halls, it includes an auditorium with capacity for 100 people. It has hosted important conferences, book presentations and even famous classical and modern concerts.

Today the three most important works commemorating José Marti in Cuba are the statue in the Central Park in Old Havana, his tomb in Santiago de Cuba and this monument of the Revolution Square, the largest of the three. Besides the museum, you can visit the viewpoint at the top of the tower and the whole area of the monument of the Square and its surroundings.

For visit: Paseo & Independencia avenues. Plaza de la Revolución. La Habana (“23.12265, -82.3865”). Telephone: +53 7 8820906. Open from monday to saturday from 9:30 to 17:00.

by: Leunam Rodríguez