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Cuba has four jewels that pay tribute to the Cuban pharmaceutics, three in Havana and one in Matanzas. The Johnson Drugstore-Pharmacy is one of these treasures of the colonial period, preserved over the decades.

Located on the corner of Obispo and Aguiar streets in Old Havana, building number 260. This majestic steel and concrete building was the headquarters of the prestigious pharmacy founded by Dr. Johnson. Its interior was adorned with precious woods, marble, bronze and excellent glassware. It became very famous for the elegance of the installation, as well as for its curious instruments of work and for the quality of the products that they commercialized.

The Johnson family specialized in pharmaceuticals and various novel remedies that the population requested. In addition, they dedicated themselves to the manufacture of perfumes, insecticides and disinfectants with high demand inside and outside Cuba. The Johnson also contributed with the Cuban pharmacist working as university professors.

The Johnson Drugstore-Pharmacy was remodeled and since 2012 reopened as a Pharmaceutical Museum “Johnson Drugstore Pharmacy”. It conserves in excellent condition the majestic living room veneered in precious woods with its extensive counter and some of the utensils of laboratory used from its beginnings.

In the five original showcases and in the mezzanine are exhibited original bottles rescued from the ruin and some reproductions of pots with names of medicines that usually consumed the settlers of colonial Havana.

The museum “Johnson Drugstore Pharmacy” can be visited daily free of charge. It continues being a pharmacy for the population of Havana.

For visit: Boulevard Obispo, between Aguiar & Cuba streets, Old Havana, La Habana (“23.13891, -82.35279”). Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

by: Leunam Rodríguez

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