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The current “Major General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz” Park, located in the ancient city of Camaguey becomes middle point of concurrency for locals and visitors due to its significant historical, cultural and heritage value.

One of the most attractive aspects of the site is the monument by Italian sculptor Salvatore Buemi, erected in the center of the area to Ignacio Agramonte, eminent hero in the region. Opened in 1912 and unveiled by Amalia Simoni Argilagos, Patriot´s wife, it is composed of an equestrian statue inciting combat, reliefs in bronze that perpetuate fragments of the life of Agramonte like the rescue of Brigadier Julio Sanguily. Besides, there is a sculpture of a woman that symbolizes and represents the motherland.

At the bottom of the old Plaza de Armas stands a plaque that remembers facts of the city history like the execution of heroes of independence Francisco Aguero and Andres Sanchez. The four palms embody memories of Joaquín de Agüero and 3 other young martyrs shot by the peninsular colonialism.

Part of its environment: the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Municipal Government, the Provincial Library “Julio Antonio Mella”, Interpretation Center, Casa de la Trova “Patricio Ballagas “, House of Cultural Diversity and Gastronomic Complex” Café Ciudad “.

Since 2007, in the emblematic site, there is a plaque about the declaration of the oldest segment of the Camaguey City as Cultural Heritage. At present, “Ignacio Agramonte” Park not only is a standing invitation to rest due to its spontaneous beauty, but represents Camaguey essence and pride.

For visitsMartí, Antonio Luaces, Calles Salvador Cisneros e Independencia streets. Camagüey (21.379097, -77.91847)

By: Indira López Karell