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A typical colonial house of the 30s reaches our days as if he had been born. Intact, with only minor structural changes, it stands as a business and cultural turn space. The high ceilings, white walls, doors and huge windows, the spacious living room with the same tiles that have resist hundreds of feet for decades, and each of the elements that give existence, are connected in perfect harmony to make M & M Eco Rent a worthy proposal for rest and security during the stay of any foreign visitor.

A few steps from Havana’s Malecon is this mansion, after a long travel through different eras, today welcomes the customer with the warmth and comfort of home themselves. But M & M is far from common household income, creativity has invaded every corner of this property to give some atypical and exclusive label. The mixture between art and ecology, combined with minimalist decor touch, form a pleasant environment that is hard to say goodbye.

The concept of sustainable in the foreground. Therefore the house has materials and services in tune with that term, from the furniture to the ventilation systems. There is no need for air conditioning because the rooms are designed so that by it circulates a constant breeze. Plants and other elements involved in the decoration are also part of this purely intentional idea, which also offers gastronomic add site.

And the artistic taste is present even before entering. Even he feels the energy deployed by each part of the house, the same as the time when its former owner, actor and theater director José Antonio Rodríguez will equip the place of a cultural air to the present and seduces everybody who arrives there. It is as if the very hubbub of the actors in the test or staging is still felt. M & M retains the essence and reflects this in its interior, who more than once was headquarters for various social gatherings and cultural exchanges.

Both the living room and the walls exhibit works by artists rather emerging, to promote young artists and thus also become a site for the commercialization of Cuban contemporary art.

Less than a year after its launch the house has hosted a large number of visitors from Germany, Spain, Peru, USA, Mexico, Australia, among others. The correct view of each of them always highlights the ease and comfort of a space that strives to maintain the synergy between form and function.

By: Lizandra Diaz Padron


Calle Vapor #156 entre Espada y San Francisco. Centro Habana.