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In an environment full of memories, where beauty and history are combined, Vueltabajo Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet and pleasant stay.

Located in the heart of Pinar del Río, the building, whose construction dates back to the nineteenth century, opens its doors retaining a marked colonial style: high ceilings, Parisian windows, bronze sculptures and lamps, snow crystals and beautiful stained glass windows are combined to give life to an environment that seduces the visitor due to its air of past.

A distinctive feature of the facility is the diversity of its spaces: no room is the same as another, and in each one the guest can appreciate the work of renowned plastic artists of the province.

Know before as Hotel Ricardo its central location offer to visitor the possibility to travel the main arteries of the city and to know places of interest like the Factory of the delicious and aromatic liquor Guayabita del Pinar; the Palace of Guasch, today Museum of Natural History, become in architectural symbol of Vueltabajo; the Factory of tobacco Francisco Donatién, where you can appreciate the handmade process to create Cigars; and the House of Rum, stores the most autochthonous in Cuban drinks.

Important figures of the universal culture have frequented the area, among them the world chess champion José Raúl Capablanca, the Cuban national poet Nicolás Guillén, the writer Dulce María Loynaz, the Mexican singer Pedro Vargas and the Venezuelan poet Andrés Eloy Blanco .

Spirituality, refinement and tradition are three qualities that distinguish the hotel: an excellent choice for those who like hospitality, elegance and contact with folklore and history.

For visit: Isabel Rubio street between Marti & Maximo Gomez streets, Pinar del Rio (“22.41523, -83.69483”). Free access daily.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco