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Located in downtown Martí Street, the recently renovated Hotel Globo is one of the most beautiful gems in the city. The building, built more than a century ago, has been a silent witness to the history of Pinar del Río and has become a symbol of western Cuba.

After a long period of silence, where it underwent a major repair that invigorated its structure and refreshed the appearance of the building, El Globo reopened its doors with innovative culinary proposals and excellent service.

One of the most outstanding offers is the opening of a nightclub with a capacity for 70 people, ideal for piano-bar and downloads with foreign and patio artists.

The new decoration of the building recreates the Cuban mansions of the colonial period; an air of familiarity is breathed in between the lamps and armchairs to make the enclosure a welcoming space.

The old clock, located on the top of the hill, crowns the elegance of the emblematic building. Built in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, this 160-pound piece of bronze and wood challenges the passage of time to announce the arrival of dawn.

The possibility of finding countless attractive spaces in the surrounding area is another success of the installation: just a few steps from the hotel, visitors can easily access the Teatro Milanés, the El Criollo restaurant, the El Faraón discotheque and the Glykys and Los Pasteles Verdes candy shops.

Personalized attention, comfort and the hospitable heart of Vueltabajo combine in El Globo to make your stay an unforgettable memory.

For visitsJosé Martí, No.49, Pinar del Río. Telephone: 48 754268 (Whiteboard).

by:  Victor Manuel Blanco

photos: Yoslaine Sánchez