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Composed of 65 defactory ruins, summer houses, barracks and other sugar industry facilities, the Valle de los Ingenios, a few kilometers northeast of Trinidad, is a true museum of Cuban sugar production.

This natural and cultural site, located on an extensive plain formed by the Agabama-Méyer, Santa Rosa and southern coastal plains, is a well-conceived blend of monuments, society and environment.

The traveller can arrive here through a local train that leaves from Trinidad or in a steam engine of the year 1919 that works as a trenturist, traveling all the points of the city.

In this area also predominates the natural beauty of the environment, which can be seen from a viewpoint in the Loma del Puerto, at 276 meters above sea level. In the Valle de los Ingenios there is also the well-known Torre de Manacas-Iznaga, one of the most interesting historical and architectural sites in the Trinitarian city.

Another of the virtues of visiting the Valle de los Ingenios is to get to know the Slave Route, and to discover the Mirador del Valle and the amazing views it offers from the plain of Trinidad. The Casa Guanichango, an old hacienda converted into a cafeteria and restaurant, is also nearby.

As a final touch of the excursion, it is best to travel eight kilometers to enjoy the Javira Waterfall, where visitors can rest and refresh themselves in the crystal clear waters of this cozy place.

The Valle de los Ingenios offers visitors a series of pleasurable experiences that bring culture, history and tradition to a village where time and space seem to remain intact.

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by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño