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Built between 1913 and 1920, the Museum of the Revolution is a must-see for all lovers and curious people of Cuban history.

This admirable building is located in the former Presidential Palace, a site used by several presidents before the revolutionary triumph and where the assault against the dictator Fulgencio Batista took place on March 13,1957.

The Museum of the Revolution exhibits in its rooms multiple collections of photographs, flags, documents, weapons and other objects of the history of the country, ranging from pre-Columbian culture to the present day.

Its more than 30 exhibition halls hold nearly nine thousand pieces from each stage of the Cuban deed, including the life-size sculptures of Che Guevara and his fight partner Camilo Cienfuegos.

At the entrance to the museum is a fragment of the ancient wall of Havana city, as well as the tank used by Fidel Castro in his actions against the invaders of Bahia Cochinos in 1961.

Outside the building is Memorial Granma, a tribute to the yacht used in 1956 to transport Fidel and Che, along with eighty other fighters, from Mexico to the island.

This is one of the most frequented spaces by visitors from all over the world. Airplanes and other elements related to the Cuban people’s struggle are also displayed around the yacht.

Declared a National Monument in 2010, the Museum of the Revolution is considered one of the most important in Cuba due to the diversity of its exhibits and the historical, political and cultural value of its collections.

For visitsRefugio No. 1 between Avenida de las Misiones and Zulueta, Old Havana, Havana, Cuba (23.141655, -82.35669). Open daily from 10am-5pm

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño