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Havana’s Malecón is the most famous seafront promenade in Cuba and one of the capital’s places where most people from different parts of the world gather.

Named by some as the world’s longest bench, this concrete wall overlooks the city’s northern coast and serves as a seat for all those who come to this area to chat, fish or enjoy the sunset.

The construction process of the Malecón began in 1901, during the North American intervention on the island and was carried out in different stages, for a period of approximately fifty years.

Currently it is seven thousand meters wide and eight kilometers long, which run from the Castillo de La Punta, at the entrance of the bay, to La Chorrera, at the mouth of the Almendares River.

Besides being a significant construction to prevent the passage of water, it has become the most popular meeting point for tourism and the Cuban population.

This spacious sofa welcomes anyone who comes to enjoy the beautiful views, share with friends, listen to music, or simply spend time accompanied by the breeze of the sea and the peace that the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean give away.

The Havana Malecón is undoubtedly one of the places that identify this island anywhere in the world and, therefore, a symbol of the identity of all Cubans.

For visits: Old Havana, Havana Center and Vedado (Plaza de la Revolución). La Habana. Cuba

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño