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The Cuban Nazarene Theological Seminary is also known by the acronym SETENAC. This school has more than 40 years of experience in theological education. It is one of the more than 50 educational institutions of the Church of the Nazarene in the world. It was founded in 1966 as a Nazarene Bible Institute for the preparation of Cuban Nazarene pastors.

The curriculum has been reformed over the years to respond to the Cuban educational and cultural context. It currently covers the two districts, West and East, with a Subsede in the province of Holguín. Available study programs range from Diplomate to Bachelor of Theology. Master’s degree courses with contemporary pastoral emphasis are also offered from time to time.

Its doors are open to students of other non-Nazarene denominations. SETENAC’s primary interest is to continue to train Gospel ministers. Among its basic articles are: “Theological education is an essential part of spiritual development and character formation. It also provides the riches of the Christian faith, giving the minister the resources he needs to serve society in a redemptive way.”  That is why SETENAC’s mission is:“to train servants of the Lord for the work of ministry”.

The Cuban Nazarene Theological Seminary is not just a center of study. Above all it is a center of reaffirmation of the spirituality of evangelical believers. It serves as the venue for the main district and zone events of the Church of the Nazarene in Cuba and other denominations. Students’ graduations, seminars, congresses, camps, retreats, among others, are held here. It is also the headquarters of the Local Church of the Nazarene in Punta Brava.

Access to tuition is available for foreign students residing in Cuba. Those interested may contact SETENAC via email or telephone. You can also contact us for visits and as an event venue.

For visit: Avenue 251, Number 2601. Finca “La Niña”. Telephone: (+53) 72505792.

by: Leunam Rodríguez