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Old Havana is the smallest municipality in province of Havana and one of the most visited. Thousands of people walk these streets daily. It is the oldest part of Havana capital. The Historic Center of Old Havana was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1982 and is the area that attracts more tourism throughout Havana. A mix of styles, especially baroque and neoclassical, streets and old houses with balconies, iron gates and interior courtyards. The architecture of this area is an open-air work of art rescued by the efforts of the City Historian’s Office.

The history of Old Havana goes through the Spanish colonial, neocolonial and revolutionary periods. With a varied cultural offer that includes museums, monuments, theaters, parks. Various gastronomic offers available in numerous restaurants and bars. Place preferred by visitors to stay in one of the countless rental houses distributed throughout Old Havana.

People to know, services available, scenes worthy of being photographed. A party of colors, flavors and experiences. We invite you to this tour of Old Havana. Here are some of the interesting sites inHavana recommends to you:


Squares (Plazas):


Places of interest:

by: Leunam Rodríguez