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Guamá is a Cuban tourist center very frequented every year by visitors of all nationalities.

Located in the Ciénaga de Zapata National Park, the main wetland of the insular Caribbean and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is a site of great attraction for its history and nature.

This village exhibits places destined to the sale of artisan articles, bars and restaurants with traditional food of this region, besides a natural park with varieties of terrestrial and aquatic animals, in which the crocodile breeding stands out, endemic species of this zone.

Only 90 kilometers from Varadero and 142 kilometers from Havana, this singular town is located in a singular location that has about fifty independent cabins built with wooden walls and guano roofs, faithfully representing the architectural style of the ancient aboriginal villages.

Surrounding Villa Guamá, is the Laguna del Tesoro, a site that hosts an important set of birds, reptiles, fish and flora of great national value. The journey through its crystal clear and calm waters is one of the main attractions of this tourist resort.

Inside the lagoon is the Aboriginal Batey, a 25-piece sculptural complex that reflects the daily life of the pre-Columbian communities. In addition, the vacationer will be able to observe the sculptures of the Aldea Taina, the work of Cuban artist Rita Longa.

There is also recreation in Guamá with traditional shows and rites. Other options include boat rental, bird watching, hiking and water sports.

History and tradition merge in these places of the Cuban Island to give the visitor a trip to prehistory and a memorable reunion with nature.

For Visits: VillaGuamá. Ciénaga de Zapata. Matanzas. Cuba. (“22.344368; -81.10031”)

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño