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The Orthodox Cathedral of San Nicolás de Mira is a jewel of Byzantine architecture in Old Havana. It was built respecting the style and customs of the Greek Orthodox liturgy. It has an exquisite completion and level of detail, made by Cuban experts with the help of Greek counterparts.

In the construction of this small chapel was used the red brick, the Cuban shell stone and some other elements imported from Greece. Impressed by its exterior and interior beauty, its colorful and peaceful environment. Furniture, Byzantine lamps and written icons were also imported from Greece. Above all, it highlights the impressive altar carved in Cuba.

This Orthodox monastery was created for the local and international Greek Orthodox community. It was opened in 2004, when it was consecrated by the Ecumenical Patriarch and Archbishop of Constantinople with the presence of Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz. Since then, the community of faithful devotees of this religion has undergone a gradual growth and plans to create an Orthodox Theological School for Latin America.

in the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Garden and at the back of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi you will find The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Mira. It is visited daily by Christian believers and the general public. Within walking distance are the St. Francis of Assisi Square and the Bay of Havana.

For visit: Inside Teresa of Calcutta Garden, entrance by San Francisco of Assisi square, Old Havana, La Habana (“23.13658, -82.34815”). Open daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez