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La Gran Piedra (The Great Stone) is the result of the chance of nature in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Weighing about 70,000 tons, 25 meters high and 30 meters wide, the large mass of volcanic rock is one of the greatest attractions for national and international visitors.

Discovering the mysteries associated with the origin of the Great Stone and the many legends that the inhabitants have recreated over the years are enough incentive to declare the enormous rock a National Monument.

Located a few kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, this find belongs to the Baconao Park, World Biosphere Reserve, and boasts its presence in the Guinnesspor Records book because of its size, the rock with the highest height above sea level.

From the Great Stone you can see the most beautiful views of the Sierra Maestra and the coast. The route to the top culminates after climbing more than four hundred steps along a path full of vegetation typical of the area, including native species of flora and fauna such as orchids, ferns and butterflies.

This site is ideal for those who practice hiking and for those who find peace and quiet in nature, as it allows direct contact with the best natural values of the national geography.

For Visits: Siboney and La Gran Piedra highways km. 14. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba

by:  Lys Alfonso Bergantiño
pics: Yarelis González