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The National School of Art (ENA) is dressed as a gala. There is a graduation today in this music school. You can see the coming and going of students, teachers and parents. Several students will offer their graduation recital.

While students of other years continue their study routine, the near-graduates enlist. Some classrooms are empty. It’s graduation day and no one wants to miss the show. The school theatre is filled with study colleagues, friends, family and teachers, all ready to enjoy each piece of music.

Finally, it all begins. Applicants present their programme to the public. Some dedicate it to their loved ones, others to teachers who have accompanied them and some prefer to dedicate it to the effort of having arrived here. The flutes, saxophones and guitars are played accompanied by the stridency of the drums and the melody of the piano. Some works are classic, others have a more contemporary flavor.

The audience applauds the virtuosity of these young people. They know there’s a lot at stake. You can see the dedication, care and talent. It is the fruit of years of sacrifice. The musical notes sound in the air with total freedom. All that’s left is for the teachers to offer their appreciation. In the meantime, we’ll take our picture. In the end, the grades are high.

The musical journey of many of these young people will take on other levels. Some will aspire to enter the Instituto Superior del Arte (ISA) and others will begin individual musical careers. Either way, those who take other courses will surely remember this day with pleasure. For those of us who had the pleasure of accompanying them, it will always be a pleasure to hear them play with their hearts.

For visit: 120 street between 9 and 13, Cubanacán, Playa (“23.089369; -82.44552)

by: Leunam Rodríguez