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The Greek word ‘Glykys’, which means sweet, gives its name to the new bakery-candy store specialised that was founded a few months ago in the town of Pinar del Río.

Every day, a renowned staff of chefs and master pastry chefs give life to a universe of culinary creations that include ice creams, tropical juices, meringue sweets and varied offerings of Italian and American cuisine, seasoned with the authentic flavor of Vueltabajo.

Set by renowned plastic artists in the province, the two floors of the installation show an attractive design: the walls themselves look like a delicious delicacy. Sophisticated furnishings, stylishly designed for individual, family or couple enjoyment, combine with soft lighting to give a touch of grace to an extremely cosy space.

The candy store, located in the heart of the city, is adjacent to important tourist and leisure establishments in the area, such as Hotel Pinar del Río, José Jacinto Milanés theatre and the restaurant La Casona.

With a capacity for 72 diners, the establishment offers an unparalleled dining experience. Variety in the offer, careful attention and excellent prices accompany Glykys, which has already become the home of confectionery in western Cuba.

For VisitsJosé Martí 102, Pinar del Río.

by:  Victor Manuel Blanco

photos: Dunia Chinea