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new recreational proposal is appearing in the taste of people and visitors in western Cuba: Fruti-Club, the first Gastronomic-Technological Center of Vueltabajo. The place attracts the attention of customers by allowing to taste exquisite fruit-based delicacies while navigating the national and international network.

The Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica (Computing and Electronic Club) joined the gastronomic entity Fruti-Cuba, to give life to this interesting proposal, which aspires to favor the access of the Pinar del Rio people to the technologies of information and communications.

The facility allows the enjoyment of a varied offer that includes cocktails, smoothies, ice cream and Caribbean fruit candies; accompanied by technological services that include internet services, online games, antivirus update and access to La Mochila, a new product that rescues the best of the Cuban audiovisual universe.

Open from nine in the morning to nine at night, the center has eight state of the art computers, four video game consoles and access to the internal WIFI network of the Joven Club.

Located in a central artery of the provincial capital, the site borders on other places of interest such as Vueltabajo Hotel, the “José Jacinto Milanés” Movie-Theater and the “12 plantas” Restaurant.


For Visits: Isidro de Armas and Gerardo Medina Streets, Number. 10, Pinar del Río (22.41677, -83.69499).

by: Victor Manuel Blanco