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In the heart of Old Havana, exactly in the Cathedral Square, it is located one of the private restaurant (paladar in spanish) most famous in Havana. Dona Eutimia is a small private restaurant, personal, intimate place to relax facing the Experimental Graphics Workshop and a few meters from the restaurant El Patio place.

In a meeting held with the owner of the business, we could investigate why the name Dona Eutimia. As told our magazine, the restaurant’s name is a tribute to Eutimia, a lady who lived across the square and cooked the artists who worked at the Experimental Graphics Workshop. Artists like Fabelo, Choco, Nelson Dominguez, among others, were the first customers marveling at the time of cooking Eutimia.

Many artists and resident of Cathedral Square, remember this excellent cook with much love, so much for the taste of their dishes as the love conveyed to all. And this was precisely the nails in which Leticia Abad (business owner), who imagine a place like this, where the key is to develop a Cuban, homemade, simple and full of love inspired food.

Leticia told us that he has made a careful menu with traditional Cuban cuisine in mind, so in this restaurant you can enjoy typical Creole dishes such as ropa vieja, pork and rice with beans. Especially recommended tasty croquettes, malanga fritters served with honey and roasted chicken Doña Eutimia.

The business of private restaurants (palate) has undoubtedly reached, amounts seats in business on their own. The success undoubtedly lies in a good menu, distinctive and unique, as well as an attractive space, premises reached by Dona Eutimia, space that was recently selected by the US magazine Newsweek / The Daily Beast as one of the best restaurants in Havana. The palate has the look of a modern cafe with comfortable sofas, cushions and good background music.

In good time for all new Cuban entrepreneurs, people like Leticia, have managed to put up the name of Cuban food, made with love.

By: Lisandra Diaz Padron

Photos: Gabriel González