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Every year the young Christians of the Church of the Nazarene celebrate their Adoration Festival. This 2017 they met in the church located in La Ceiba in Havana. In response to the call:“Searching an adorer”, young people from Havana and Mayabeque brought their best gifts to this feast of talents dedicated to Jesus Christ, Lord of the Church.

The modalities in which they competed were: Dance, Literature, Painting, Theatre, Audiovisual and Music. The jury was made up of young people from various churches who work in the arts, some of them in a professional way. Each judge’s job was to give an evaluation and advice to the participants.

All of us present were able to witness the excellence that each of the participants showed. Although it was a competitive event, brotherhood and passion prevailed. Because that’s what this festival is all about, being true Christian worshippers.

Some of the interventions that most impressed were those of the music and dance categories. The church “Ciudad Refugio” of Playa municipality delighted everyone with beautiful musical performances that included flute, violin and acoustic guitar. The young people of the Church of the Nazarene in Mantilla were the most awarded with incursions in the categories of Literature, Dance and Theater.

At the end of the afternoon, the effort of all participants was recognized. Especially for those who invested time in choosing costumes, instruments and decoration according to the level of the event. The award winners received gifts from the simple judges for their good work. The young Nazarenes in Cuba demonstrate once again their commitment to live in adoration, as a song says:“Worship is everything in my life, blessing you is the passion that burns in my heart, it is the reason why I live, for which I exist”.

by: Leunam Rodríguez