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If you are one of those who prefer to give or collect representative objects from Cuba, the Feria del Puerto, in Havana, is the right place to buy them.

Also known as Almacenes de Depósito San José, due to the enormous and spacious naves where it is located, the Feria del Puerto is the largest handicraft market in the country.

Many artists and craftsmen from Havana and other regions of the country exhibit their work here for sale to the public.

Paintings, costume jewellery, clothing, leather goods, sculptures and many other pieces can be obtained in the old stores, which today are converted into an important craft fair.

In addition to the handcrafted pieces, the interior of the nave offers gastronomic proposals, as well as telephone and currency exchange services, to make your stay in the facility more pleasant.

At the Port Fair, visitors will be able to take home a souvenir of the island with an authentic Cuban stamp, created from originality, from the most diverse techniques and materials.

It is curious to know that at the entrance of the old St. Joseph’s Warehouses, the traveler can also discover a part of the city’s history, in the cobblestone streets of colonial Havana, and in the locomotives of the legendary Cuban sugar centrals. Just in front of this fair there is the Walk of Alameda de Paula.

For visitsAvenida del Puerto. La Habana. Cuba. Open from tuesday to sunday, from 10am-6pm

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño