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The old factory ceased to be abandoned. Those great ships long were devoid of movement, today are filled with an energetic and colorful dynamics. Before: a factory for industrial purposes, now: A Cuban Art Factory (FAC). This is known in this this multipurpose cultural space that during the two years of its implementation has stolen the attention of many.

Founded by Cuban Artist X Alfonso, this project and is positioned as a leader in the acceptance of national and foreign public. It is designed to merge many artistic and cultural forms on a site that has been designed to develop them in unison. Music, theater, visual arts, film, design, crafts and fashion, are present in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday, all combined with the chance to taste an exquisite cocktail in a supportive environment also to share in large groups of friends.

The figure also spaces to host large parties and events, a resents example is the First Biennial of Design, held a few days ago, an event that took FAC as one of the exhibition points and larger meeting. Every room and corridor was accompanied by the presence of hundreds of people, many of them appreciating a representation of fresh and interesting creative proposals that are being developed in Cuba.

As an advocate of bringing art to all art with a massive scope, FAC consistently supports the development of projects, with great emphasis on young people, not only Cubans, also foreigners. Somehow it has become a patron of the young artistic production, as well as a participant and promoter of community projects.

The design and decor are marked by good taste and contemporary, always alluding to his name. Each element forms a whole where the balance between the rustic and aesthetic beauty is evident. public: This eclecticism proposal that complement the nearly ten hours every day, without missing the major link that gives the magic touch and life are added.

For visits:  26 street between 11 and 13, Plaza. La Habana (23.127573, -82.41012).

By: Lisandra Padron

Photos: Eduardo P. Seiglie