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For several months the capital of all Cubans reopens new cultural centers for the population. The idea of rescuing declared dismantled buildings and turns them to spaces for cultural activities, is an idea applauds. Is undoubtedly the new multipurpose cultural center of the Havana neighborhood of Alamar, named “Enguayabera” is one of its best exponents.

It is the first work of its kind opened by the Ministry of Culture in a densely populated area that until now did not have a cultural proposal to meet the demands. Located in a former textile factory (known locally as just “guayabera factory”), brings together in a single installation several cultural, recreational and gastronomic services, made an integrating vocation.

The space has a library, four rooms equipped for projections of Cuban audiovisual and foreign, a theater for presentations in small format, a literary café a nightclub, an ice cream parlor, a restaurant, a sports area and a playground. Each of which will feature a Wifi zone that will allow access to the network of networks.

Now in Havana there are few places like this closer-the benchmark should be the popular Art Factory, located in the Vedado-, none in areas considered peripheral. But the fact is that over a hundred thousand people, who until now had to move to the center of the city to enjoy cultural options already, have at their disposal live in Alamar.
Access to the center is free, punctual services will be charged, taking into account the possibilities of the public to those who are targeted. One of the premises of “Enguayabera” is to some extent the economic support, because investment has been important.

Here, somehow, new schemes which could be extended to other populous neighborhoods of Havana and perhaps beyond the city experience.

Programming, say the makers of the new cultural complex will be quality, guaranteed by the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC), the National Council of Performing Arts, the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Book Institute.

“Enguayabera” has been the result of a serious, conscientious, work inspired at. the community that now has a responsibility to care facilities that are, ultimately, a cultural outpost in the center of the dormitory town itself.

By: Arianna González
Photos: Alejandro Cárdenas González