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The Varadero dolphinarium invites visitors to discover the place “where a friend lives”. Several dolphins of the species Tursiops trucatus or Bottle Nose Dolphin live together in this large pool surrounded by rich vegetation. The entire enclosure was built around this body of natural water connected to the canal and mangrove system of the south coast for the comfort of these friendly mammals.

Since 1984, the inhabitants of Varadero and travellers passing through have been able to enjoy the benefits of its dolphinarium. Every day, the dolphins delight the audience several times with all kinds of pirouettes and synchronized movements. Their trainers guide them with orders that the dolphins know how to recognize perfectly.

All offers are based on the enjoyment of adults and children. After the shows, for an additional fee, you will be able to access the platform for a close encounter with the dolphins and also have the opportunity to swim with them. Everyone wants to take a picture home as proof of such a special moment.

Other alternative services available are the children’s playground, a handicraft and souvenir shop in Cuba and the Snack bar with artistic animation and circus varieties.

The Varadero dolphinarium is located north of the Autopista del Sur, a short distance from the Marina Chapelín and the Playa de Oro, Iberostar Taínos, Meliá Las Antillas and Blau Varadero hotels. A few meters away is a stop for the Varadero Bus Tour.

A dolphinarium similar to this one is the dolphinarium of Cienfuegos.

For visit: Las Morlas road, Km 12.5, Punta Hicacos Natural Park, Varadero. Hours: From 9:00 to 17:00. Telephone: +534566668031, 4566 8181 (23.18465, -81.17697)

by: Leunam Rodríguez