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As part of French culture month in Havana, the Biennial of Design, which is this year brings both proposals Cuba as foreign artists is presented. It takes place in almost all spaces and institutions in the capital. Alternative spaces like space Malecon 666, Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC), among others, make up the itinerant biennial spaces where this takes place. A InHavana team was in the Contemporary Fashion coverage of the event, which was held in the premises of the Cuban Art Factory (FAC). A proposal carried out by young costume designers, opened in a fashion show on the catwalk own factory. Artists like Celia Ledon, Rolando Ruiz, Alejandro Omar, among others, exhibited part of a collection of fantasy proposal presented every two years as part of the event Art and Fashion.

By: Lisandra Diaz Padron

Photo: Eduardo P. Seiglie