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400 years ago there was a man named Taita Domingo. He was a slave with the skin stained by the leprosy and the muted mood of so much walking alone. His owner had abandoned him because of the disease and the black man took the road from the mountain. He survived by eating wild fruits and sleeping in an inhospitable cave.

One day, he found the sulphurous springs of the Caiguanabo River or the San Diego River, and threw himself into the water to refresh his tired, gaudy body. Legend says that Taita Domingo was cured suddenly and as a good man, he returned to the estate San Pedro de Las Galeras to share the miracle with his own. That tells the legend.

Historians say that by 1632 the Spanish Crown delivered those lands to Don Diego de Sayas, and by 1775 the capitulars recorded the existence of a deposit with 20 kilometers of springs 400 meters deep.

Many of the people with diseased skin and bones came to the scene. They came from all over the Island, with their hopes fixed on the curative water. They improvised rustic huts near the surroundings of the springs and in this way began to structure the population nucleus known as Baños de San Diego.

In this region of western Cuba, the visitor can find soft hills of the south or limestone elevations of the Sierra La Güira, where the caves are abundant, the vegetation grows lavish and the pine forests rise as harmless armies over the valley.

In the midst of this paradisiacal landscape are a Spa and its Mirador Hotel, a health complex that offers specialized medical consultations.

The main sources used by the Spa are three: El Templado, El Tigre and La Gallina, which feed a system of collective and private pools.

According to specialists, these waters are classified as sulfate-calcic, sulfuric, thermal and radioactive of low mineralization.

The mining medicinal mud that is extracted from the mouth of the San Diego River is also used in therapies.

The health center offers various services such as: Physiotherapy, service of mechanotherapy, electrotherapy and thermotherapy; Rehabilitation, acupuncture, body massages, underwater whirlpools, steam baths, therapeutic gymnasium, medical consultations, clinical laboratory, pharmacy dispensary, beauty treatments with native products and therapeutic walks, among others.

For visit: San Diego de los Baños town, Pinar del Rio (“22.64631, -83.36726”). Access daily.

by: Susana Rodriguez Ortega
pictures: from Internet