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About 12 km from Matanzas, in the village of Carbonera, is the Cave of Saturn. To get there from Havana, you will have to take the road to Varadero Airport and then turn off at a branch that leads to the coast, very close to the town. It is also known in the area as the Cepero Cave.

This prehistoric cave is about 20 meters deep. It is a cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites in which a lake of crystalline waters emerges, an authentic natural swimming pool. Its waters are so transparent that the bottom can be reached without any difficulty in spite of the low light. In addition to swimming, snorkeling and diving are also available.

Among the curious details of this cave we can mention that blind fish and shrimp have been found swimming in its underground waters, while stalagmites and stalactites from all over the cave form curious geometric shapes along the entire route. Some stalagmites are partially or totally submerged, indicating that in the past the cave was not flooded.

This site opens its doors every day since eight o’clock in the morning. Entrance to the cave is paid for and includes diving equipment. There is a small kiosk where you can eat and drink built near the steps that penetrate the land.

For visit: From 08h to 18h. Paid admission.

by: Leunam Rodríguez