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This original cabaret is located in a medium-sized natural cave. According to popular tradition, in the past it was a refuge for pirates who crossed the Caribbean. Today it operates as a cabaret with a daily schedule from 10:30pm to 3am with an entrance fee of 10cuc.

The night begins with a live show with a group that performs danceable rhythms. Sticky Cuban and international rhythms prevail. After the show is over, the place becomes a discotheque with songs that the audience can dance to.

For the decoration, flags with skulls and other items that simulate a buccaneer atmosphere have been used. The lights are dim and the rustic atmosphere reminds us of a pirate and corsair bar. To give the site a Caribbean atmosphere, the waiters are dressed as pirates.

There are various offers available on the menu between meals and drinks. But without a doubt the highlight of the evening will be the music.

For visit: Km 12 Las Morlas road, Varadero. Telephone: +53 4566 7751. Schedule: Monday to Saturday, 10pm-3 am.

by: Leunam Rodríguez