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Located in one of the largest cave systems in the Caribbean, La Cueva del Indio, situated in the municipality of Viñales, arouses the interest of those who visit it due to the mysterious rock formation of its walls and the crystal clear underground waters of the San Vicente River.

Placed about 5.5 kilometers north of the town of Viñales, this cave of karst rock is one of the biggest jewels of adventure tourism in the island due to the rare formation of stalactites and stalagmites that it possesses.

Among its main tourist attractions are the cave paintings and the remains of burials and utensils of pre-Columbian cultures found inside, which make national and foreign visitors have an encounter with the history of the aborigines that inhabited these lands five centuries ago.

However, the main feature of the visit to this place is in the 2-part route made by the visitor: the first, a walk without guide on marked trails inside the cave, while the second consists on an unusual boat ride through a grotto of 350 meters.

Nearby, there are attractive cultural, recreational, natural and historical offerings such as El Gallardo, La Finquita, El Paraiso Agroecological Farm, San Vicente Farm, La Ermita Hotel, Botanical Garden, The San Miguel´s Cave, the Palenque de los Cimarrones (Runaway Slaves) and Mural of the Prehistory.

Discovered in 1920 by the peasant Juan Díaz, Cueva del Indio cave has been for decades and until today, one of the biggest destinations of foreign and national tourists that visit the western geography of Cuba.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco