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Lovers of Cuban culture and culinary tradition will find in El Criollo an excellent option to meet the highest expectations.

The recently renovated facility offers restaurant, grill and cabaret services, where the traveler can taste exquisite dishes of traditional cuisine and enjoy the most genuine art of the Island.

The center of the recreational proposals of the site is a variety show that includes the evolution of the Cuban identity, from the aborigines to the contemporary. The show offers a special program for each day of the week: on Mondays and Tuesdays, it offers the Cuban Night; On Wednesdays, a variety show for young people; Thursdays, recorded music; Fridays, special celebrations; Saturdays, artistic shows with national and local cast; and, on Sundays, children’s proposals and matinee.

Endowed with a technological support for the presentation of high quality shows, this space aims to reinsert itself with a wide range of offers within the recreational options of the Cuban West.

Set in the style of Las Vegas of Pinar del Rio, El Criollo proudly shows a decoration based on horseshoes, ropes, cart wheels and ox yokes, which rescue the identity of the Vueltabajo town and recreate the peasant family environment.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco