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Every day more people are betting on a healthy way of life; therefore, among the alternatives most liked by Cubans, is attending a gym to possess a healthy and stylized body.

Without overcrowding, better hygiene and more equipment available, private premises nowadays offer a much more tempting offer for practitioners than state facilities.

This is the case in Pinar del Río, where the gym “El Coliseo”, owned by Professor Abel Núñez Cardentey, is the best proposal for body toning or bodybuilding.

This gym receives daily around one hundred clients, who for a monthly amount of 10 CUC, receive the personalized attention of two seasoned coaches, both, multi winners of the provincial contest of bodybuilding “Atlas”.

Result of the love he feels for bodybuilding and entrepreneurial work he began more than three decades ago, “Abelito” as everyone calls him, today has around 57 top-level machines, mostly made by him and his team.

If you live in Vueltabajo or visit this territory and love the systematic practice of exercises, the Coliseum will be a place that you cannot retract from visiting, because there quality and good treatment are a synonym.

For Visits: Antonio Tarafa # 17 interior, Ceferino Fernández Town, Pinar del Río. Phone Number: 751010

by: Victor Manuel Blanco