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At the end of the Boulevard de Santa Clara, on Maceo Street, you will find the Cafe-Revolucion Museum. At first glance, you will think that you are in a state institution. This exceptional establishment is a small private business, and as we say … it has everything.

When you enter, you will surely feel confused. Have a coffee or enjoy the history of the Cuban Revolution? Overcome this initial mental lapse you may realize that this site combines both things elegantly. This Cafe is at the same time a museum for its excellent collection. The sample of photos, documents and articles of the decade of the 50s and 60s of the 20th century in Cuba, is simply exquisite.

Choose what to do first: Contemplate historical articles or have an exquisite coffee. Better if you sip your coffee with some other snack while enjoying a very particular and different time. Be transferred in time and be part of the historical moment represented in this cafe-museum.

Whether you love Cuban history or not, you can be a witness by watching the series of photos and original documents around you. According to the owners, some objects are unpublished, result of an untiring work of collecting a little of everything. Highlights include photographs and documents reflecting stages of revolutionary life of Che and Fidel Castro. Other articles, not so historical, reflect a little of our Cuban life. Such is the case of the “Libreta de abastecimiento (supply book)”, a piece worthy of a museum and still in force. Ask them, they will be happy to explain how it has worked for so many years.

If not all this were enough, the charm of the people who will attend you, will leave you wanting to return. When you leave, you will feel that you have enjoyed everything a little: History with Coffee and Revolution…

For visit: Maceo and Independencia (Boulevard) street, Santa Clara. Free entrance daily.

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez