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If you are visiting the capital of Cuba and have already traveled its streets on foot, by bike or in the famous “almendrones”, try to venture with the Cocotaxis, a fun and unique option to know Havana.

This original means of transport owes its name to its resemblance to the shape of a coconut, a fruit that abounds in the Caribbean Island and whose tasty water is widely used by natives and outsiders to calm thirst.

The Cocotaxis are a kind of yellow tricycle with a double seat behind the driver’s seat, which, being semi-open, allow passengers to come into contact with the air and views of the city, but at the same time protect them from the sun and rain.

This innovative initiative arose 20 years ago in the capital, and today it continues to be one of the most popular means of transport used by visitors to visit the favorite places in Havana.

The Cocotaxis have the advantage that, as they are smaller, they can cross the city’s narrow streets without any problem, and enter the most difficult places to reach, but they are mostly seen along the Malecón Avenue and Prado Street, adorning the dynamic of the city with their striking colours.

The drivers of these picturesque taxis can also be opportune guides that offer the passenger information about the different places in Havana.

The Cocotaxis have become the favorite transport of many visitors, as they offer the possibility to travel quickly, safely and feeling the fresh air of Havana.

On its wheels, visitors will have the opportunity to capture amazing views of the capital, ideal for taking photographs and enjoying the shade and experience that this mobile coconut gives.

For visits: Panatrans Cocotaxis phone numbers to book: +53 7 873 1411 and +53 7 878 2444.

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño