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Walking through the streets of Cienfuegos, I find an unusual site. The name call my attention, “Café la Buena Pipa”. Every Cuban knows the famous “endless tale”. We say that it even has a very philosophical meaning, or is the name just that … a good name?

Standing at the door I see a cozy business, different, with books that fly … rather, they hang from the ceiling. Curiosity attacks me but time is short. I decide to enter. I already know that this Cafe has a daring atmosphere. Simple paintings decorate the walls and everywhere there are obsolete objects such as acetate discs, turntables and even a Russian TV.

I am curious. I ask for a coffee while I look around. Would be possible to speak with the owners?. I want to know more about this site. Here begins its history.

Roselí Pérez, tells me how she and his friend Yeimi Sosa started this cafe. In fact, the name refers to the story of “never ending.” A friend suggested it. However, it is more than a name, it is also a permit: to smoke freely.

They tell me that everything I see is the result of the entrepreneurship of these two young people. Both are instructors of arts, he is instructor of plastic arts and she is instructor of theater arts. They wanted to have their own business to satisfy both artistic and economic needs. Thus emerges this alternative space for people who love art and life. Their project is not only a Cafe, but also a cultural space. They tell me that at the next event, “Queen of the Sea”, it will have a space to gather writers and there is a mini concert here.

Everything has been a gift from friends. People who wanted to see what they donated exposed. Everyone also helped with the hard work.

I could not miss the question: Why are books floating? Roselí tells me that was her idea. She was inspired by a short animation in which she saw something similar. They are books in disuse that only few people would read. According to her, up to now, no one has asked to read them.

This Cafe, the result of the personal effort of two young artists, is a recommendable place for the visitor. Oh, and by the way … the coffee with chocolate is exquisite.

For visit: Avenue 52 between 37 & 39. Cienfuegos (“22.14426, -80.44807”). “A welcoming space to enjoy with their friends.” Coffee, Drinks and slight Meals. Open daily.

by: Leunam Rodríguez