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Elegant city of Cienfuegos. Formerly called Fernandina de Jagua because it is located near the bay of Jagua. It adopted the current name to pay homage to the person responsible for its foundation. Discovered in the fifteenth century by Admiral Christopher Columbus and founded as a villa by the French in 1819. A cosmopolitan and neoclassical city. In the past home of people from different countries and customs that left their mark here. A mixture of Spanish, African and Chinese heritage. It is the most modern of the big island cities.

Cienfuegos, admired by many, not without reason. Declared National Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Considered a unique example of modernity, hygiene and urban planning. It is located in the province Cienfuegos. This province is bordered by the Sierra del Escambray and limits to the South with the Caribbean Sea. On the other extreme are the provinces of Villa Clara, Sancti Spíritus and Matanzas. Then, Cienfuegos is known as the Beautiful City of Sea or also as La Perla del Sur. Titles that do justice to the beauty of this beautiful city.

City of the Bay, because Cienfuegos would not be Cienfuegos without its bay. The Port of Jagua, with its excellent geographical conditions is of great nautical potential. The seabed with beautiful corals invite you to dive. There are centers in the area for diving and water sports. In the past, this bay was a haven for pirates and corsairs. To combat them, Spain built the Castle of Nuestra Señora de Jagua, known as Jagua Castle. This fortress was the third in importance in Cuba, after the Morro Castle in Havana and the Morro Castle in Santiago de Cuba. Today it is a museum and one of the biggest attractions to be visited.

Cienfuegos, city rich in architecture, with its representative buildings such as the Government Palace, the San Lorenzo College, the Ferrer Palace and the Palacio de Valle. With its grand avenue on Paseo del Prado, the longest walk in Cuba, which stretches for more than 2 kilometers until reaching the sea. Along is the beautiful Malecon and it finishes in the residential location Punta Gorda.

Dreamed city for ecotourism lovers. Its numerous natural attractions, beautiful beaches and history attest to it. The Escambray Mountains (Sierra del Escambray) in Cienfuegos is the richest landscape area in the province. Mountains with forests, valleys and coastal areas. Areas for hiking, bird watching and wildlife in general, invigorating baths in natural pools of rivers or waterfalls, in places such as the Peak of San Juan or El Nicho, without forgetting Rancho Luna Beach, an area of exquisite white sands and calm waters.

Magic city, due to its beauty and its many legends. All this at your fingertips.

by: Leunam Rodríguez