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What’s Christmas celebration? Strangely enough, this question confuses many in our country and beyond. A party, a holiday or is it just something “religious”? Opinions are diverse. Some defend Christmas and others attack it. For some it is important and for others it goes unnoticed every year.

This is why the young people of the Church of the Nazarene in the Juanelo neighborhood of San Miguel del Padrón decided to ask on the streets: What is celebrated at Christmas? They hoped to see how much their acquaintances and friends know about this event.

The students asked their classmates. Those who work did the same with their work colleagues. Others walked the streets of Havana gathering opinions. No distinction was made between believers and non-believers, each giving his or her own viewpoint freely. The objective is not to impose a criterion, but to approach what Cubans think about Christmas.

As a reference, we can say that Christmas comes from the Latin “nativitas” meaning birth. It is an important Christian commemoration that celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Traditionally it is celebrated on December 25th every year by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, most Protestant Churches and the Orthodox Churches. By extension, the western world has turned December 25th into a holiday in many countries, even non-Christians.

For its part, the Cuban churches celebrate the Christmas season with performances that include dramas, body language and cantatas alluding to the birth of Christ. This date is usually celebrated in community.

Watch the video and find out what some Cubans think about: “what happens at Christmas?”

by: Leunam Rodríguez