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Cubans are lovers of music. We like to sing or that others sing for us in any corner or party. Cuban music or from other latitudes makes our soul happy and allows us to express emotions. We are a musical town.

We love good traditional Mexican music that was born in the country villages, among humble people. We make it ours. We put the heart in it. It brings us the nostalgia, the lack of love, the passion … the hope.

Charros musical groups groups defends Mexican style. Its repertoire is very broad, with typical Mexican songs and other more contemporary. All well suited for the occasion, for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. They will make us sing, laugh and dance.

Yes, we will sing with them … the old man who remembers his times and also the young man who is contagious with the rhythm. The charisma of these “charros” will make us feel for a few hours that we are in the “beautiful and dear Mexico” of their songs. Their colorful costumes and Mexican hats are representative of a culture that has many fans around the world.

There is to choose: trio, quartet or the complete mariachi group. Some may wish to offer a serenade to their beloved, or ask for a hand in marriage, and even for a reconciliation. Cuban Charros assure success with their music of strings, singing and trumpets to the sound of “Cielito lindo”, “El rey” and “Hasta que perdió Jalisco”.

The taste for traditional Mexican music in Cuba and other countries arose in the mid-twentieth century thanks to broadcast on radio, television, film and record industry. The music and dress of the mariachi are the most famous in our country. Among the most popular authors and interpreters mariachis are: Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Miguel Aceves Mejia, Jose Alfredo Jiménez, Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández.

by: Leunam Rodríguez