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About 13 kilometers from the capital city of Pinar del Río, Cerro de Cabras, one of the highest elevations in the province, exhibits a mixture of exoticism and indigenous nature of the westernmost region of Cuba.

Located in the South Pizarro Heights, in the Sierra de los Órganos, the place offers hikers who prefer nature tourism, the opportunity to observe endemic specimens of the flora and fauna of Pinar del Rio and Cuba in general.

The beauty of the landscape shows an intense green, the most representative color of the area, with extensive pine forests, palm trees, oaks and other species of shrubs that border the mountain.

From its height, it is easy to see other points of interest of the geography of Pinar del Rio, as well as an excellent view of part of the municipal head.

The site, which is easily accessible for explorers, is surrounded by a network of stony roads where it is common to find local people who are engaged in forestry and agricultural tasks.

Other attractions include the different varieties of birds, such as Tomeguín, zunzuncito, bijirita del pinar, totí and negrito.

However, one of the main interesting features of the elevation is that the Cuyaguateje River, the longest and largest river in the province and the largest river basin in the western region, is born precisely among its headwaters as a narrow and gentle tab of crystalline water.

As a symbol of Vueltabajo, as well as the westernmost territory of Cuba, Cerro de Cabras appears on the territory’s shield, because for much time it was thought to be the region’s greatest prominence.

With 450 to 480 meters above sea level, the mound is not distinguished by its high elevation, but in it, each tourist will distinguish the precise place to spend a pleasant time where he or she will locate the most representative characteristics of the Cuban biodiversity.

For visit: Sierra de los Órganos, about 13 kilometers to Pinar del Río. Free access daily.

by: Elizabeth Colombe Frias