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Located to the south of Pinar del Río and accessible only by sea from the ports of La Coloma, Nueva Gerona and Batabanó, or from the international diving centers of Hotel Colony and Maria la Gorda, the Cayos de San Felipe National Park is a true paradise for nature tourism lovers.

Species such as dwarf hutia, manatee, tonina, bobito chico, woodpecker jabado and the guava beetle distinguish the fauna of these islets, which also show about 200 species of sponges, fish and corals.

Each year more than 200 loggerheads, hawksbill hawksbill and green turtles nest in the area, while providing refuge for the world’s smallest seagull, the Stemo antillarum.

The Park, founded in 2002, has an important ecosystem protection program that includes reef care, waterbird monitoring and the study and conservation of iguanas.

Most of the land area is covered by mangroves and white sandy beaches and crystalline bottoms have more than 20 dive sites.

Ideal for ecotourism, the Park offers options for diving, underwater photography, nautical sports and observation of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna.

Enjoying the San Felipe Keys is an overwhelming experience for the thousands of vacationers who visit them each year. Cosmopolitan, seductive and unforgettable, these islets bathed by the sea are a permanent invitation to enjoy the sun, the natural diversity and the peaceful beaches of the Caribbean.

For Visits: 35 kilometers from La Coloma, Pinar del Río (21.949133; -83.46763)

by: Victor Manuel Blanco