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Formerly Spanish Casino, today Provincial Museum of Cienfuegos. Located in front of Marti Park, at the corner of 54th and 27th streets. One of the bourgeois real estate that became a cultural institution. A neoclassical building with an interior courtyard, built in 1893 to host the Spanish Casino. The ground floor was used for casino games and the top for dances.

Its reopening as a museum brought to the locality a wide and interactive exhibition. The collections are the fruit of an arduous work of collection. Exposed to the public are sculptures, architectural elements, paintings, furniture, numismatics, as well as photos and documents of great value. Other elements shown are fans, wall plates, paintings with floral motifs and sculptures of marble and bronze.

This museum brings us closer to the founding of the city and the history of the Cienfuegos region. It illustrates its main facts and events, the chronology of Cienfuegos culture and urbanism. Several rooms decorated represent the refined ways of decorating spaces in the past. The various exhibition spaces facilitate community work.

Some of the rooms to visit are the Decorative Arts room with exquisite pieces of bronze, marbles and carved stones, as well as porcelain wristbands and fine glassware belonging to the wealthy families of the city. It also has the Private Collecting Room, a transitory space, where local collectors display their treasures to the community. The Set Dining Room is a representation of a home dining room of Cienfuegos of the 19th and 20th centuries. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Primitive Community room, a permanent exhibition dedicated to the traces of pre-Columbian culture in regional history.

The Hall of the Museum also exhibits elements of aesthetic value. Highlights include the beveled glass console and staircase, both of which were part of the original furniture of the Spanish Casino.

This institution opens its doors daily to visitors interested in learning more about the history of this city.

For visit: Corner of 54th and 27th streets. Cienfuegos (“22.14548, -80.45321”). Entrance charge, Monday to Friday.

by: Leunam Rodríguez