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The city of Pinar del Río will arrive in September to its 150th anniversary, reason why authorities and settlers of the most western city of Cuba decorate the main arteries and open new options for the enjoyment of premises and visitors.

Among the proposals currently in vogue is the Casa del vino, an installation that offers a range of brands from Pinar del Río and other territories of the country, which will soon be joined by some imported brands.

In it, the client can ingest a wide variety of liquors served in glass or buy the bottle, which prices depend on the origin of the product.

Alongside these offers, the center offers meat products such as fried chicken, pork batter; as well as cheese dices and ham entrees, services to which the specialty of cocktails is added.

Open every day of the week from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., except Saturdays in which the schedule is extended, Casa del vino is an excellent offer for lovers of this ancient drink.

At number eight on Gerardo Medina Street, between Martí and Isidro de Armas streets and very close to Vueltabajo hotel and Pinar del Río hotel, the national or foreign visitor can enjoy the hospitality of the Pinar del Río people while enjoying this ancient tradition.

For visit: Gerardo Medina street, between Martí & Isidro de Armas, Pinar del Río (“22.41635, -83.69543”). Open daily.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco