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Few places are as striking and unusual in the Cuban capital as Casa del Agua “La Tinaja” in Old Havana.

This is a small establishment located in calle Obispo, to a side of Plaza de Armas, being part of the restaurant La Mina, specialized in Creole food.

Casa del Agua “La Tinaja” is a place that welcomes all thirsty travelers and gives them a special water to drink: filtered water with methods used in the colonial stage.

The idea of creating this peculiar house arose with the aim of recalling the techniques and procedures used in the 16th century, when there was a profound shortage of drinking water on the island.

That is why “La Tinaja” was founded as a way to honor the people who, at that time, put their knowledge in favor of providing clean water to the Cuban population.

Founded in 1994, Casa del Agua is the only one of its kind in Havana, and is very popular with artists, foreign journalists, among other important personalities, whose photographs adorn the walls of the place.

But, above all, the essence of “La Tinaja” is to help the travellers who arrive at this house-museum, avid to calm their thirst or their curiosity, and to continue walking, taking with them the experience of discovering this peculiar place.

For visitsObispo Street, between Oficios and Mercaderes. Old Havana. Havana. Cuba (23.139683, -82.34981)

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño