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Located in the historic center of Santa Clara, between Independencia and Juan Bruno Zayas streets we find La Casa de la Ciudad. This is a representative domestic building of the 19th Cuban century. Its construction dates back to 1860. This property possesses great architectural values and constitutes a unique exponent of the domestic architecture in Santa Clara. Its impressive arches on the doors, stained glass windows and artistic details on the walls stand out.

Over the years, it has had various uses. It started being a dwelling house. Years later, the Municipal Board of Education meets in it. For decades, it was used for matters related to the activity of the Ministry of Education.

It opens its doors on January 28, 1990 as Casa de la Ciudad after a three-year restoration process. Since then it offers cultural services to the community while being used as a protocol house of the municipal government of Santa Clara. Its work is aimed at promoting scientific and cultural values. Among the main activities promoted is the event “Memories of the City”. There are also workshops with specialists, researchers and families on various topics related to the history of the locality.

The ample rooms show the most representative of the local, national and international culture. Book your main room for the gallery “Encuentros” where the best of the Santa Clara plastic arts meets. La Casa invites you to visit the history and rescue work of all the sociocultural wealth of the city. The main value of this center is its arduous work of cultural rescue. This is thanks to the cultural activities that take place in the courtyard where music and dance are present, among other manifestations.

The restored Casa de la Ciudad, in Santa Clara, reopened to the public on August 13 of this year, in honor of the birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Commander Fidel Castro. Young restorers who wanted the rescue of their own local culture carried out the work.

La Casa prepares to receive a new year totally renewed.

For visit: Independencia (Boulevard) & Bruno Zayas streets, Santa Clara (“22.40807, -79.96739”). Entrance daily.

by: Alberto Gonzalez & Leunam Rodríguez