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Considered one of the only restaurants in Cuba specializing in chocolate-based food. This Casa del Chocolate is located in what used to be the Mayorca restaurant on the main avenue of Varadero. It has a chocolate shop, bar and a restaurant with a menu in which chocolate is the distinctive ingredient.

One hundred percent Cuban cocoa, from Baracoa, is used in the production. Sixty percent is of the bitter melting type and the rest is light paste milk chocolate or white chocolate. Sometimes fondue is offered made from fruit with a chocolate sauce.

Different varieties of handmade or solid chocolates are moulded in the bonbon box. Stuffed with good grass, coffee, rum and liqueur are the preference of visitors. The person at the counter kindly explains to the visitor the goodness of each type of chocolate.

Clients will be able to observe the preparation process of the dishes through the counters of the processing centre in the restaurant. The dishes are served with chocolate sauces and chocolate syrup can be added to the cocktails, drinks and infusions.

No cooking oil is used, everything is cooked in cocoa butter, natural fruit vinegars and coffee sauces. The chocolate to be used depends on the type of meat, it is recommended, for example, that the beef fillet be combined with bitter chocolate and red wine. The international customers like pure chocolate more, the national ones the sweetest, with milk and white chocolate.

Fruit of a plant whose botanical name is Theobroma cacao: Teos (god) and joke (food), cacao came to be known as “the food of the gods” from the eighteenth century. Research has shown that it is a powerful antioxidant, with immense cardiovascular benefits for the flexibility of veins and arteries.

For visit: First avenue and 62st street, Varadero (23.154547, -81.24879). Open from 10:30am a 11:45pm

by: Leunam Rodríguez