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A new service attracts national and international tourists to visit Vinales Valley. That is the case of canopy, an international widespread practice that a few months ago delights visitors of these places.

Also known as zip line, the canopy consists of a pulley suspended by wires mounted on a decline or incline, designed to encourage people to gravity and slide them from the top to the bottom.

In the case of Vinales, visitors walk just over a kilometer between hummocks, using a first technology, with harnesses tight in thighs and waist, helmet and gloves.

The route covers eight rigs and four cable sections with different heights and distances, of which the first is the highest elevation to exceed 35 meters.

Before entering this adventure, visitors receive a brief instruction on protection measures and immediately passed through a wire-school, taught by guides accompanying the group.

Under the name “El Fortin” the canopy is one of the attractions of the Mural of Prehistory in Vinales, a product designed by the Palmares Chain for Cubans and foreigners, who wish to live Vinales from the heights of ecstasy.

by: Victor Manuel Blanco