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Visiting the Natural Park El Nicho, in Cienfuegos, we have the opportunity to taste the Creole food of the restaurant “El Caney”. Only 100 meters away from the Park. A rustic construction site. Food prepared in a rural style. Friendly treatment and excellent view of the mountains.

Nothing better after the walk than good Creole food. This restaurant is within walking distance. Simple in construction, according to the area. It is a family business and a friend’s agreement. Often groups of travelers come here to share a meal before returning to their accommodation or to their country. Everyone agrees that there is nothing like “homemade” food.

Several tables with tablecloths, tableware and chairs or benches to sit. While in the back the food is prepared, the diners can opt for some of the drinks that are prepared here. While you wait, you can enjoy the view of the mountain. Unparalleled and wonderful experience to be surrounded by so much natural greenery.

The food is prepared in a rustic way, using charcoal and firewood. This gives an exquisite taste to the food. Impossible not to appreciate the difference. Customers are even invited to go into the kitchen and see for themselves the cooking process. One of the main offers to enjoy is the Trout to the plate. Fish caught in Hanabanilla Lake, very close to there.

If you plan to visit El Nicho in Cienfuegos, plan also to eat at this restaurant. You will not regret giving this opportunity to your palate.

For visits: To less than 200 meters of the Natural Park “El Nicho”, Cienfuegos. Daily from 8AM at 6PM.

by: Leunam Rodríguez