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Santa Clara, Havana and other cities of Cuba have their Boulevard, and Cienfuegos did not want to be left behind. Full of life and with varied commercial and cultural offerings, the Cienfuegos Boulevard is undoubtedly one of the most frequented sites in the city. It can even be said to be the busiest pedestrian route in the entire province.

Opened in 1984, the Boulevard is an anthill of people. Tourists and national people come and go at all times. Some talk sitting on the stone benches, others take a short breath sitting on the planters with palms. All the way is made of granite. These details characterize this ride.

In the tour by the Cienfuegos Boulevard we find some local monuments like White Palace; institutional buildings like the headquarters of the provincial newspaper September 5; and also shopping and gastronomy centers such as the “Guanaroca Bazaar”, the Habano House “El Embajador” and the restaurant “La Verja”.

One of the sites that we find in our route is the Club “El Benny” between 29 and 31 streets. This place is perfect for drinks cocktails and other gastronomic offerings. Various musical groups animate the scene. In the patio “Te quedarás”, outdoors, dishes of national and international cuisine are offered.

At the end of the Boulevard it is the Park Martí. Two domes can be seen in the distance, one more distant than the other. One is the Palace of Government and the other palace Ferrer, located in two of the ends of this Park. This area is much visited. It will be easy to get across the Boulevard.

The city of Cienfuegos is already preparing for its 200th birthday in 2019. The Boulevard looks renewed thanks to the recent process of integral restoration.

For visit: Beggining on Paseo del Prado avenue (37 street), between 52 & 56. Cienfuegos (“22.14506, -80.44847”). Daily at any time.

by: Leunam Rodríguez