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The Biran Historical Complex is located in a remote village in the municipality of Cueto in Holguín province, 750 kilometers east of Havana. In this place were born Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution and his brother Raúl Castro, current President of the Republic of Cuba.

With a very characteristic architecture, composed of wooden houses in excellent state of conservation, the complex shows 11 constructions that had different functions inside the estate.

The property, currently a museum, has an area of 26 hectares of land: two dedicated to the facilities, eight to the cultivation of citrus and the rest destined to green areas and self-consumption of its owners.

Within an environment of beautiful natural features, the site maintains the Post Offices and Telegraphs, a school, La Paloma bar, the hotel, the butchery, the grandma’s house and the fence of roosters, among others sites of interest.

The newcomer will be able to know where services such as education, health, commerce, billiards, mechanics and wagons, bakery, confectionery, butchery, cinema, tannery, slaughterhouse and dairy, were provided. In addition to the home of the owner and his relatives, there were also houses for the teacher, the telegraph operator and for other workers.

Until 1958 the place housed up to 27 installations with zinc roof in red and walls of boards in yellow.

At present, visitors will also find an almost identical replica of Fidel and Raúl Castro’s birthplace, as the original caught fire in 1954.

Since 2002 the Biran Historic Complex allows the entrance of public. In its collection, it has around 1 175 objects of patrimonial and family value with a remarkable state of conservation. In 2008 it was declared a National Monument for its extraordinary historical values.

by: Elizabeth Colombe Frias