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Havana’s Chinatown is an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the Cuban capital. A place where you can breathe the airs of the distant oriental culture, whose roots are a permanent part of the idiosyncrasy of the inhabitants of this island.

It is one of the largest and oldest Chinatowns in the American continent, where since the end of the 19th century the Asian population settled, arriving to these lands in search of work and new opportunities.

The Chinese community was setting up their businesses on the island and also conforming their family, from the mixture with native and Spanish, intertwining forever our cultures.

This neighborhood stands out for its colorfulness and for its symbolism referring to the oriental universe, and also for keeping alive traditions in terms of art, customs and cuisine.

The portico located on Dragon street, also known as Puerta de la Amistad, is one of the biggest symbols that identify the Chinatown of the Cuban capital and was built in 1999 with materials from the Asian nation.

Among the attempts to preserve the Chinese legacy in the city, there are traditional food restaurants and martial arts schools, in addition to celebrating the beginning of the Lunar New Year and there is a central headquarters for the residents of that nation in Cuba, where art exhibitions, seminars and meetings of various kinds are held.

The Chinatown is another good option for visitors from all over the island, who are interested in discovering the rich history and cultural mix that make up this island.

For visitsbetween Calle Amistad and Dragones. Havana Center. Havana. Cuba

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño