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One of the most paradisiacal and tropical places in Cuba is Playa Larga, an area located on the southern coast of the Caribbean island, specifically in the Ciénaga de Zapata, known as the largest and best preserved wetland in the insular Caribbean.

This beautiful coastal settlement, 175 km from Havana and 132 km from Varadero, has one of the most popular beaches for visitors of all nationalities.

The incentive of its clear and calm waters offers vacationers, among other opportunities, the possibility of practicing sport fishing and diving.

With a wide sandy area of four kilometers long, Playa Larga is characterized by a vast vegetation where native species of Cuban flora and fauna coexist. This is one of the main attractions for those who prefer ecotourism and the enjoyment of stunningly treasured natural surroundings.

In this locality you will find varied lodging offers, among them numerous rental houses and the hotel Villa Playa Larga, where you will find quality services, as well as a friendly treatment on the part of its settlers.

Due to its geographical location, its tranquility and the potentialities of its surroundings, Playa Larga is considered a center of nature tourism, with natural resources and offers at the disposal of the traveler who comes to this land, to enjoy the charms of a typical image of the Cuban Caribbean.

For visitsPlaya Larga, Ciénaga de Zapata. Killing. Cuba

by: Lys Alfonso Bergantiño